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Daico makes it easier to have the home you want.  More than windows or cabinetry, Daico builds houses, in-fills, and huge additions.  The average size of our projects is 3/4 million dollars.

We want to share in our success stories!  Satisfy your curiousity, collect ideas, and build on your inspirations... your next project will be this gorgeous!
Who we are

The construction industry is a driving passion for the management and employees of Daico.  With hundreds of satisfied customers, years of industry experience, and an unparalleled set of skills, the people at Daico have what it takes to deliver exciting, innovative projects to enhance your quality of life.

Daico has been operating since 1985.  We have serious clients, with serious projects.  Our passion drives us to deliver every project with integrity.  We want it done right the first time, every time.